Alessandra Capuano




Professeure agrégée, département d'architecture (DiAR), Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza


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Alessandra Capuano

Graduated in Architecture in Rome, as winner of a Fulbright grant she was awarded a Masters’ Degree in Historic Preservation at the Columbia University (NY) in 1984.

PHD in 1991 and 1992-1994 Postdoc at Sapienza in Rome . Since 1999 she is a researcher and since 2008 she is a second-level Professor at the Faculty of Architecture Sapienza University. In 2010 she successfully participated in the Comparative Assessment for First-Level Professors in SSD ICAR 14.

She teaches Architecture and Urban Design Studio IV in the Master of Architecture at Sapienza, where she has been teaching design studio and theory classes since 1999. She has been previously a Professor at the Third University of Rome and has taught in numerous north American universities (Cornell University, Penn State University, Ohio State University, Monterrey Polytechnic, California Polytechnic and Northeastern University).

Since 2011 she is Coordinator of the Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design. Member of the faculty Doctorate in "Design and Management of Landscape and Environment" of Sapienza and of the International Doctorate "Conservation and Management Issues in Changing Landscapes" at the University of Molise. She is also member of the faculty of the Master "Architecture for Archaeology / Archaeology for architecture”. She is a "peer" auditor responsible for the evaluation of research products conferred on the VQR 2004-2010.

She carries out research activities in the Department of Architecture and Design where she directs the Laboratory LaGraTe of the Research Unit “Landscapes. City, Nature, Infrastructures”, dealing with issues related to urban design, landscape and contemporary architecture, with particular reference to the city of Rome and Italian architecture.

National coordinator of PRIN 2009 “Archaeological landscapes, regions and metropolitan areas”. Since 2011 she is responsible for a Service Agreement with the Province of Rome for the “Preliminary definition of the local ecological network and she has underwritten a research contract with Regione Lazio for a Feasibility study concerning illegal settlements in the Parco dell’Appia Antica areas. With the Appia Antica Park Authority has signed an agreement for scientific collaboration in 2010. In 2011 she conceived and organized the International Design Workshop and Conference "The Park and the City. The historical territory of the Appia in the future of Rome".

She is responsible for a Bilateral Agreement with Chaire UNESCO en environnement et paysage of the University of Montréal, with whom since 2003 she carries out research activities regarding urban and landscape design and educational activities within the international workshops (Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Korean Republic, China, Japan Canada). She has recently undertaken co-tutorship activities concerning PHD students’ thesis.

She has been editor for the annual magazine and has served as a member of the Department publishing committee. She has been responsible for numerous architecture exhibitions and conferences and is the author of more than 130 publications (books, essays, proceedings and articles).

From 1992 to 2010 she was partner with Orazio Carpenzano in the architecture firm Urbanlab associated architects. Together, the two architects have carried out project-design research activities in the fields of architecture, urban and landscape design. They are responsible for the architectural and urban design of the new freight terminal of Fiumicino, currently under construction. They have participated in competitions getting some prizes and recognition.