Connaître et comprendre les paysages d'aujourd'hui pour penser ceux de demain [MAINTENANT DISPONIBLE!]

RUIZ, J.,DOMON, G., JAMBON, C., PAQUIN, C., ROUSSELLE-BROSSEAU, L.-P. (2012). Connaître et comprendre les paysages d’aujourd’hui pour penser ceux de demain. Le diagnostic paysager de la MRC des Maskoutains. CPEUM et Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, 87 p.

This book was created within the "Maskoutains Landscapes: reveal, enhance and redefine" project. It responds to the need for characterization tools. It proposes an approach to develop an inventory of landscapes and to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses.

Published jointly by CPEUM, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and MRC des Maskoutains, this highly illustrated book offers an approach to produce a "status report" - a factual portrait of landscape characteristics. Recognizing that landscape is both a physical and a cultural reality, this report includes 4 components to ensure knowledge and understanding of the physical, environmental, scalable, visual and socio-cultural dimensions of territories.

Based on factual knowledge, this book demonstrates and illustrates how, through participatory approaches, we can enable the population to diagnose landscapes, to agree on their strengths and weaknesses and to lay the groundwork for a collective landscape project.

The document is available at the COOP of the Faculty of Environmental Design.

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