Le paysage humanisé au Québec, nouveau statut, nouveau paradigme

DOMON, Gérald (2009), Le paysage humanisé au Québec, nouveau statut, nouveau paradigme, Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, Série « Paysages », Montréal, 364p.

In Quebec, territories and landscapes were constantly subjected to waves of resource exploitation. If still dominant, this vision of the territory as a pool of exploitable resources is facing new concerns inciting change. In 2000, Quebec was lagging behind as protected areas amounted to less than 1% of the total territory. In the recent years however, the notion of biodiversity conservation has forcefully emerged.

Adopted in 2002 by the Government of Quebec, the humanized landscape status proposes principles to manage and organize the territory and explicitly seeks the protection of biodiversity. It also recognizes the importance of human activities on the land and focuses on the participation of local and regional communities.

This book presents the particularities of the humanized landscape status. It examines the specific contribution of the protection status compared to others that exist in Quebec and in other countries. It analyzes its scope and terms of realization while assessing how it links to different mechanisms of land-use planning.

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