In keeping with the model put forth in 1996, the year of its creation, CPEUM fosters unique partnerships with:

University of Montreal: Department of Research, development and land-use planning of the University of Montreal and the Faculty of Environmental Design;

The Ministère des Transports is a founding partner of CPEUM. Its continuous support and participation in a considerable amount of research over the past 15 years reflects its concern for quality of life and the importance of road networks in landscape discovery and appreciation.

Partner since 2006, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications has been and continues to be closely involved in the development of conceptual and operational frameworks such as defining concepts of landscape and living environment, and operationalizing humanized landscape status.

The City of Montreal became a partner of CPEUM in 2009, thus confirming the importance of landscape in the new dynamism of the metropolis.

FRSCQ also became partner in 2009 through its "Support for research teams " program. The program aims to help further investigate research topics that require a concerted effort.

Grants from these partners constitute the basic funding that allows CPEUM to ensure work continuity and deploy sustained research through research contracts so that it can achieve its objectives. CPEUM also recognizes the significant role of Hydro-Québec, a founding partner associated with research as a project partner.

Several projects involving these partners gathered the engagement and financial support from other organizations. Over the years, CPEUM has benefited from the support of the following organisations: