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Conception d’un écran antibruit végétalisé

This is the 2nd phase of a study aimed at improving the design and implementation of a noise barrier prototype - and noise barriers in general - to improve quality of life.

Design of a green noise barrier adapted to the standards of the Ministère des transports du Québec, documentation and design criteria, plant component, aesthetics and social acceptability. Phase 2

Phase I of this research project was carried out by CPEUM’s researchers and the Groupe d’acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke (GAUS).It allowed for the development of criteria for landscape integration, barrier design and implementation, as well as choice of plants meeting acoustic, structural, aesthetic and phytological requirements as determined by the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ). This phase yielded the following results:

  • A new concept of noise barrier integrating cheaper and lighter materials, reducing implementation costs;
  • Visual insertion and design criteria for the sound barrier developed on expert knowledge and meeting specific aesthetic issues for riparian and highway environments, increasing social acceptability;
  • Specific criteria for the selection and implementation of plant species with regards to the riparian and highway environments of the sound barrier;
  • Identification of mitigation measures to reduce the impact of de-icing salts on vegetation along the highway.

Phase I was presented to a municipality. Discussions are underway to proceed with the implementation of a prototype on the territory of this municipality.

Concurrently, Phase II endeavours to complete the expert analysis performed during Phase I by studying the people’s preferences with regards to different types of noise barriers and the landscaping of their surroundings. These preferences are assessed by web survey.

This phase also aims to better understand the people’s perception of noise barriers through semi-structured interviews of citizens living near such a barrier. Landscape integration of the barriers and their impact on the growth of riparian vegetation are also analyzed. The results of this research will enable the Ministère to improve the design and implementation of noise barriers (including the prototype) and ultimately, the citizen’s quality of life.


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