Researches and Projects

Développement durable, culture et projets de territoire : portrait de démarches québécoises et étrangères exemplaires

In the context of Agenda 21 for culture in Quebec, this project aimed  to illustrate the concepts, principles and measures deployed in regional initiatives - here and elsewhere - defining the role of culture as an integral part of the sustainable development of territories. This research produced 8 portraits of local and regional initiatives.

This mandate entrusted by the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications concurred with the implementation of Quebec’s Agenda 21for culture. This program echoed commitments adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. A number of governments, local communities and other organizations have since adopted their own Agenda 21 to implement the principles of sustainable development.

Quebec’s Agenda 21 for culture promotes the social recognition of culture as an integral part of sustainable development. This policy statement encourages broader consideration of the cultural dimension, ensuring greater coherence of government action in this field. Further to promoting the integration of culture into policies and development plans, such an instrument also supports shared responsibility of culture in Quebec society.

This research project was based on the concepts, principles and means to define culture as an integral part of the territory’s sustainable development. It aimed to illustrate exemplary local and regional initiatives based on case studies conducted in Quebec and abroad.

The study yielded 8 portraits illustrating the structural nature and the value of the cultural project as a propeller for sustainable development. The portraits are available for consultation on the project website.