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Enjeux de paysage et sécurité routière

CPEUM was commissioned by the Ministère des transports du Québec to study the landscape experience and safety of urban entrances and crossings. These 2 dimensions are essential to the requalification of road crossings and the improvement of quality of life in small and mid-size towns.

Crossing areas and user safety are important considerations in the road network. Right-of-ways that facilitate travel in a territory also contribute to an area’s enhancement and discovery and therefore, its landscape experience. Furthermore, urban entrances and crossings are sites where a large proportion of road accidents occur. Considering landscape dimensions (e.g. local identity, right-of-waysmulti-functionality) and road safety (e.g. speed, readability) helps to define actions likely to improve the practices of users and stakeholders.

This research aimed to produce a record of knowledge on urban road entrances and crossings. It also intended to explore the implementation conditions of exemplary approaches and practices, namely actions that meet anticipated needs in terms of landscape development, quality of life and safety.

The result of this research project is 4-fold:

1. A documentation survey made it possible to update knowledge on landscape, road safety as well as road entrances and crossings implementation issues. It also revealed principles, approaches, strategies and specific types of development supporting these aspects.

2. A case study of a road project carried out in the municipality of Saint-Henri in Quebec was conducted on the basis of 3 separate analyses:

  •  Landscape analysis of road entrances and crossings, and improvements completed;
  • Targeted interviews with stakeholders involved in implementing the improvements;
  • Analysis of the accident data before and after the project development.

3. A study of the practical application of management and road safety strategies.

4. Furthering theoretical knowledge on practices and issues of urban road entrances and crossings.





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