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WAT Longueuil

"Producing new" and "Inventing public landscapes" were the recurring themes of WAT_Longueuil - This project was a unique opportunity to reflect on the sustainable development of peri-urban areas and their landscapes by engaging a dialogue between experts, policy makers and citizens.

WAT_Longueuil - "Sustainable development in action. 5 landscape projects for Longueuil and the South Shore »

In February 2007, CPEUM appealed to environmental design professionals to develop an urban design workshop (WAT) on the territory of the agglomeration of Longueuil.

This was part of a wider reflection initiated by CPEUM in 2002, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Regions. It was also part of an international project led by CUPEUM on suburbs and sustainable development. The Montérégie territory has proven to be a successful example of a reflection on territorial identity, housing, quality of life and preservation of interesting landscapes.

As an exercise in brainstorming and forward thinking, this workshop provided a unique opportunity to reflect on sustainable development of peri-urban areas and landscapes. Under the themes "Producing new" and "Inventing public landscapes", it became a laboratory of original and innovative urban design ideas focused on dialogues between experts, policy makers and the public.

The designers’ mandate was developed by CPEUM in partnership with local municipalities. From 7 to 12 May 2007, the designers were asked to develop management strategies and landscape projects illustrating the implementation of sustainable development principles on 5 sites and themes identified by the municipalities of Brossard, Boucherville, Longueuil, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Lambert. A panel of experts including environmental design professionals and researchers took part in the workshop and preparatory seminars. Their role consisted in sharing knowledge, reviewing proposals and discussing the structural scope of workshop results in terms of sustainable development for the Montérégie. On 23 May 2007, the design teams presented their projects at a public forum. Projects were then exhibited in Boucherville.

WAT_Longueuil targeted the following objectives:

  • Resolve 5 major landscape issues on the South Shore of Montreal;
  • Generate 5 exemplary projects for Longueuil, the region and the province of Quebec;
  • Demonstrate environmental design know-how locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Promote and enable knowledge sharing between municipal, corporate, professional and academia;
  • Enable the implementation of environmental design and land development plans incorporating the concept of landscape and sustainable development.

The results of WAT_Longueuil were largely publicized and appeared in several exhibitions, including one at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris in June 2007.


Area 1 - Longueuil_Boulevard Jacques-Cartier

Reinventing the landscapes of day-to-day_housing/infrastructure

Érick Rivard (Bélanger Beauchemin Architectes) - Rémi Morency (Commission de la capitale nationale - Anne Vallières / Jean-Bruno Morissette / Samuel Bernier-Lavigne (Anne Vallières Architecte) - Gianpiero Moretti (Groupe Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur les banlieues (GIRBa) de l'Université Laval)

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Area 2 - Boucherville_Secteur du Parc Vincent D'Indy et du boulevard D'Avaugour

Constructing a new centrality

Louis-Paul Lemieux / Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre / Claudia Delisle / Émilie Vandal-Piché / Jean-François Roy (Schème Consultants) - Martin Roy / Guillaume Dupré (Martin Roy et ass.)

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Area 3 - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville_Mont Saint-Bruno

Building with a symbolic landscape

Peter Fianu / Sylvain Lenoir / Marlène Bourque / Alexandre Massé (Atelier braq)
Michel Langevin / Mélanie Migneault / Yoanne Souris / Sylvane Rava (NIP paysage)
Jacques Brisson (Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale - IRBV - rattaché à l'Université de Montréal)

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Area 4 - Brossard_Corridor de la rivière Saint-Jacques

Reclaiming nature in the city

Juliette Patterson / Lise LeGargasson / France Bigot (Catalyse urbaine) - Alexandre Blouin (Bloin Tardif Architectes) - Alan Knight (Groupe de recherche en architecture urbaine (GRAU) de l'université de Montréal) - Hugo Robitaille (Groupe Hémisphères) - Martin Bourgault (medialabAU de l'Université de Montréal) - Alex Kravec (Blouin Tardif Architectes)

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Area 5 - Saint-Lambert_Secteur de la gare

Recycling the existent

Karine Durocher / Marie-Ève Coulombe (Vert Cube)
Simon Goulet / Sébastien Desparois (Dialogue)

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  • Organizing committee/Scientific direction
  • Organizing committee/Project manager
    • Lyndsay Daudier, communication & logistics, Project assistant, CUPEUM
    • Yannick Roberge, design, research agent, CUPEUM
  • Monitoring committee
    • Brigitte Colin, spécialiste Ville et Architecture, Division des sciences sociales, de la recherche et des politiques du Secteur des Sciences sociales et humaines, Programme MOST — UNESCO
    • Mathieu Forgues, Consultant of développement et en concertation, Conférence Régionale des Élus de Longueuil
    • Brigitte Hernando, Project Manager, Sous-ministériat à la Métropole, Direction du développement et des projets, Ministère des Affaires municipales et des Régions du Québec
    • Brigitte Jacques, Director, Direction régionale de la Montérégie, Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec
    • Denis Lemieux, consultant in Architecture, Landscape and Sustainable Development. Direction de la recherche, des politiques et du lectorat, Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec
    • Jean Picotte, Director of the Urbanism department, Direction de la planification supralocale, Ville de Longueuil

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