Fields of study and research

Harmonizing its mission with current issues in Quebec, CPEUM offers a 3-module program that intersects with 3 lines of research and concern: 

Infrastructure and landscape

Activities in the "Infrastructure and landscape" module address different aspects relative to inclusion, integration and redevelopment of infrastructure (e.g. road or highway transport infrastructure, electric transportation, green infrastructure, etc.) in urban, peri-urban or rural landscapes.

Urbanisation and landscape

The "Urbanisation and landscape" module is designed to meet the growing demand for landscape in urban and peri-urban territory, which recognizes the social and cultural values that mark its identity. It involves research activities such as the production of a knowledge, comprehension and intervention guide, or support and creative thinking activities.

Rural area and landscape

The research conducted within the module "Rural area and landscape" focuses on the most striking phenomena in rural landscape issues. These include agricultural intensification, territorial decay, and gentrification of areas of landscape interest.

Although focused on specific issues, the research projects deal with common concerns. They directly or indirectly address environment and sustainable development issues. They incite reflection on landscape issues and theoretical dimensions, and promote the development of management and operational tools for intervention.