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Caractérisation, analyse et gestion des paysages

Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culturesupports CPEUM. By joining other institutional partners, FQRSC allows CPEUM to pursue and intensify research, training and dissemination.

Landscape is now inseparable from environmental design and economic development in Quebec. Recurring citizen concerns in infrastructure projects or excessive transformation eloquently and repeatedly impose a new scale of collective issues. This requires a greater coherence of public action. It is becoming urgent to develop approaches for landscape analysis, characterization and management, which consider sociocultural dimensions and meet the needs of land-use planning stakeholders.

Congruent to the strategic plan of CPEUM and its affiliates (CUPEUM; Laboratory of Sustainable Development and Territorial Dynamics), this program ventures to deploy a research center dedicated to landscape characterization, management and planning. An international leader in its field, CPEUM has developed a unique expertise allowing the development of tools for landscape characterization with regards to their social and cultural values. These tools are essential in developing indicators to assess the performance of landscape projects.

With this grant (2009-2013) from the “Support to research teams” program, the FQRSC recognizes the excellence and significant contribution of CPEUM’s work. This support ensures full development of CPEUM’s 3-module research program - Infrastructure and landscape, Urbanisation and landscape, Rural area and landscape - that intersects with 3 lines of research - Issues and theories, Environment and sustainable development, Instrumentation and operational framework. This program garners the participation of numerous teachers and students affiliated to the Faculty of Environmental Design at University of Montreal.

This program engages in regular discussions with key public stakeholders in land-use planning and CPEUM’s partners. As such, it benefits CUPEUM’s international partners as well as Quebec’s society. 




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