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Valorisation paysagère en périphérie

In the wake of a creative reflection on landscape projects conducted on the South Shore of Montreal (2007), this research aims to characterize the elements of landscape enhancement - in a targeted area, from a citizen’s perspective - to initiate prospective reflection on the future of peri-urban areas.

Prospective initiative on peri-urban landscape: contributions of citizen and professional knowledge

If the identity and quality of landscapes and living environments in peri-urban areas is a growing social concern, thoughts and skills in regional planning are still developing. Other than projects addressing the city’s qualitative dimensions as material reality, few studies have contributed to the knowledge of social enhancements in peri-urban areas.

The research is based on a competition held in 2007 for design professionals - architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, etc. This intensive design workshop called the development of landscape projects illustrating best land-use practices for the territories and peri-urban areas of Longueuil, a Montreal suburb marked by strong urbanization pressures.

Project objectives

  • To characterize peri-urban territories valuable to resident populations in terms of landscape;
  • To engage in a dialogue on how to plan the future of landscapes through a mediation integrating citizen and expert knowledge;
  • To identify the landscape project’s conditions of consistency by focusing the interest and scope of social mediation initiatives on supporting, improving and influencing the dynamics of the environmental design project in congruence with the people’s aspirations.

The benefits of this research will significantly contribute in fuelling the debate initiated in Quebec, Canada, and abroad (e.g. European Landscape Convention) with regards to the integration conditions of landscape dimensions in land-use planning. A wide range of stakeholders will also benefit from this project, which will orient increasingly urgent choices to be made on the future of territories and the quality of living environments in peri-urban areas.


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